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Personal Care For Your Healthy Living

Your time and convenience are important priorities. Our services will eliminate the hassle, and often the challenge, of scheduling and arranging for your blood draws. We have tailored our services to fit the need of the homebound senior, the busy executive, as well as the fragile pediatric patient.

Wellness Testing

Preventive care and maintaining wellness.

Diagnostic Tests

Detect and confirm disease probability.

Drug Screen

Screen for drug use for you and your employees.

STD Testing

Take control of your sexual health.

We Employ Latest Research

QC Phlebotomy Lab Inc. Mission is to be at the forefront of patient care. We must go beyond costumer’s expectation with quality, Integrity, compassion, and commitment. We always acknowledge our client/physicians need with understanding and empathy. QC Phlebotomy provide services that satisfy
our customers need and expectations, with the utmost ethical standard of patient care and business practices along with providing precise laboratory testing services to communities. Our services support those who are undertaking treatment that is needed for phlebotomist to collect blood for testing and analyzed in a clinical laboratory. We enjoy helping physicians care for their patients by bring hand-on-patient care around biological solutions and illness. We help make patients feel comfortable doing all procedure and we provide assistance if a patient has an averse rection to a procedure. It important to QC Phlebotomy Lab Inc. that our patients receive the best quality care for their health.

Vision Statement

QC Phlebotomy Lab Inc. vision is to see all community in IL and IN area have the best quality lab care for client’s health need. QC Phlebotomy Lab Inc. has been around for over a 1 year and we are looking forward to servicing as many clients who need our professional technique. QC Phlebotomists enjoy meet new people on a day-to-day basis of all age group and nationality. We make sure that all blood samples for patients are collect and label with patient names and dates and received to the physicians within twenty-four hours of each services. QC Phlebotomy Lab Inc are friendly, courteous, and sympathetic when it comes to working with patients by being organics and equipped with the proper equipment need to get the job done. We are Lab services that can be counted on to get the proper results for our clints.



    1723 simms st Aurora, IL 60504

    Phone Number

    (773) 732-2877

    Email Address

    [email protected]